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Emergency Response for Oil and Chemical Spills

Fast response with innovative technology to reduce environmental impact and recover product

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Fuel and chemical spills from industrial facilities or transport vehicles require fast response to contain toxins that might contaminate the air, soil and water. Universal Environmental Safety Services (UESS) deploys intensively trained emergency response teams equipped with state-of-the-art products and innovative technology to recover spilled hydrocarbons and restore the environment to its original condition. UESS in an international leader in environmental hazard response.

When you call us for emergency service, our team will be dispatched to quickly contain the spill. We can then assess the damage and propose a plan to reduce health risks through containment, mitigation and disposal of hazardous materials and to reduce both your loss and environmental impact through safe recovery techniques.

UESS can also offer Northern Alberta companies safety equipment and consultations in emergency management that help you protect the safety of your people and your facility in an emergency.

Call us for prompt emergency response or to schedule a consultation and get a quote on safety equipment.

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